We are a dynamic, London-based catering company delivering daily, everything from scandi-style breakfasts, to healthy sandwich lunches, to seasonal salads, to your home or office. Our food is exciting, fresh and healthy and is made just for you! 

Established in 2003, Masons Kitchen provides fresh, seasonal and healthy food to clients in and around London. What started as a family run business selling hand-crafted lunches to office workers, has evolved in to a full scale catering business with passionate food philosophies and a sustainable business model in mind. You get all the benefits of dealing with a small local business with a few more brains behind the company!

Our chef team are highly trained, experienced and creative. We use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and create delicious food made to order.

Order now, you will be pleased you did… 

Call: 0208 691 5100 Email: team@masonskitchen.co.uk